I was born 1936, Aoh ! Yes...


This being said... 

I was a high school student at a boarding school in Caen.

Under the skilled musical authority  R.P. Pincemaille,

I studied the musical language, the practice of Grandes Orgues, and, most importantly, this teacher made me undergo ear-training.

Unfortunately, this gift I received from him while in this private institution, at a time immediately following the Second World War, was not rewarded by any diploma...

In 1951 at the age of 15, I gave my first organ concert in Caen.
  • From 1954 to 1957, I worked with Jean BRETONNIERE as well as Lily FAYOL with whom I played in France, Belgium and North Africa.
  • During that time, I often worked in cabarets in Paris, in the Rive Gauche (Left Bank) and Rive Droite (Right Bank) : "The Gallery 55", "The Port du Salut", "Chez Suzy Solidor", "The Villa d'Este" among others.
  • At Editions Raoul BRETON, I played as a rehearsal pianist, which gave me the opportunity to be in contact with prestigious artists.

By listening to them, I learned a lot about my job and I greatly improved my musical abilities: without listing them all, let me mention Charles AZNAVOUR, Gilbert BECAUD, Charles TRENET... among so many others!

  • In 1958, I was a solo pianist at "L'ESCALIER" in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.
  • In 1959, I started a trio at "LA CLOCHE FESLEE" in Brazzaville, Congo.
  • From 1960 to 1962, I played solo at "LA RESIDENCE" in Libreville, Gabon, and at the same time, I was a teacher at Léon M'BA High School
  • In 1963, I stopped working as a professional musician (but continued to play privately) and ran a nightclub, then a steak house.
  • Then, I finally met my match and got married.

She is a pharmacist!

  • In 1964, we settled in Port-Gentil, Gabon and my wife and I worked together at her pharmacy.

In 1978, after a long 18-year stay in Africa, we returned to France and I resumed being a professional musician in Nice, as a self-employed music professor and sporadic performer.

Let me mention two beautiful "encounters":

  • one with Patrice GALAS who helped me tremendously to develop my approach to Jazz, and gave me the ability to transmit what can be transmitted.
  • the other with Boris LIVSCHITZ, a violinist with international recognition, who came to live in Nice.

He gave me the opportunity to perform with him and play "Chamber Music". These duos would often be reinforced by other great artists of his network, soloists of the Nice Opera or at the Monaco Philharmonic.

It was a treat that will always brighten my memories.

Thank you, Boris, for making me play in concert with you.

My thanks go also to you, Ginette ESKENAZI, for giving me your excellent advice and analysis, your affection and your encouragement during the preparation of these concerts.

Together with Marie Pierre DELCAUSSE, Flutist and Benoit MACHUEL, cellist, we performed two concerts: one at DRAP near NICE and the other at the Conservatoire de SETE.

There were numerous performances also with Edouard DALMASSO (Fl), Michèle SENNEPIN (Cello) and Alain SENNEPIN (Fl)

In 1991... let's talk Jazz again

  • Festival of Gordes in the orchestra of the late Pierre BOYER, with whom I played numerous times in the "SEGUINIERE", a highly rated place for Jazz in Nice, packed with Jazz fans although slightly remote from downtown Nice
  • I devoted my afternoons to teaching music
  • From 1996 to 2007, I joined "SWING-PARADE" a group of seven musicians led by Didier HUSSENOT and Gérard BREAUDAT. We participated in many Festivals, either prestigious or more discrete.

This was a time of any concerts as well :

  • NICE JAZZ FESTIVAL twice, Theatre de Verdure.
  • In Germany: Nuremberg, Dissen-Bad Rothenfeld.
  • In Switzerland: Lenk, Zûrich (Meilen)
  • In Canada: Montreal, with the son of Sidney BECHET, DanielBECHET, at the drums.

My career as a soloist continued at the same time, for receptions or events in miscellaneous Palaces:

  • .... in Cannes
  • .... in Antibes
  • .... at Monaco
  • .... etc.

In 2007, with Daniel CHAUVET at the Contrabass, we founded the "Soft-Jazz-Duo" and we continued to partake in the "Gérard BREAUDAT 5tet", a successor formation to "Swing-Parade".

In November 2010, my wife started a very long journey...

In 2012, I moved from NICE to ANGERS.

In 2013, I joined the "LAYON JAZZ BAND", a "Big-band" of 19/20 musicians directed by .... with the vocals ....

In 2016, nice encounter with Marielle DECHAUME : I played along with her, in particular during a concert at "GECKO'S" of Karine Guillet in ANGERS.

In 2018, health issues had some impacts on my activities, and would push me to retire some...

But still playing for "Private sessions"!

St Peter Church Libreville Gabon.
St Peter Church Libreville Gabon.